Baked Cod and Two Beers

This came from 100Layer Cake blog. This has nothing to do with my dinner by the way.

I should start off by saying that I do not identify myself as any kind of chef. I do like to cook and I did make a category labeled food and booze for a reason. I tend to associate food with health, nature, pleasure and people. And well, a good party and some fun.  The better half of my Saturday mornings are spent pinning recipes from Pinterest that I may or may not ever attempt. I can’t bake very well yet I collect the most elaborate cake inspiration tear sheets in a folder on my desk top.

Silvia Weinstock Cake I attempted to make once. And that was the last

Silvia Weinstock Cake I attempted to make once. And that was the last time.










Luke tells people I am a genius in the kitchen and that my cooking has rendered him super trim and healthy . He feels like a new man, he exclaims.  This is lie. A plate of hot food for a hungry man like my husband ( who gobbles up the children’s food before they have had a bite) is the equivalent of me dressing up in black lingerie.  So, I choose to lay out the cheese plate instead of me on most evenings.


I am into bread. I do not see the dangers in it when the bread is freshly baked and has 5 ingredients. Photo from Camille Styles blog.

That being said, I think I am savvy at mixing and melding whatever happens to be in the fridge to come up with something for dinner. This comes from being frugal and also being that sap of a bleeding heart that is always telling their children that some child, somewhere is starving.

For this meal -I drank one Corona mixed with real lemon juice and a dab of Stevia before I peeked in my empty fridge.  All I saw was leftover Quinoa and some tomatoes from the children plates. Not coming up with something creative, I drank another beer. It was surprisingly perfect and refreshing. ( I stopped drinking white wine on my 40th birthday. Game changer on the hangover situation.)

Here is Baked Cod with Salad and Two Beers.


Green Leaf lettuce

Goat cheese

Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil , Lemon, Pink sea salt

Leftover Red Quinoa from my kids dinner Has to be red and the tiny kind

Frozen Cod from Whole Foods ( This was the first time I bought frozen in a package-But it worked..)

A handful of Chopped black olives

One half of a Tomato ( this ended up being perfect because I must add too many usually and fish can get watery from tomatoes..)

Sliced mini purple and red organic potatoes ( organic because these carry the most toxins from pesticides and farmers market fresh do taste better )

One leek- Chopped thinly and sprinkled around potatoes in baking dish

Brussel sprouts – I only had about 10 in total

Vegenaise- I use this all the time. I love eggs but this is sweeter than mayonnaise . I prefer the soy free kind.

A dab of Honey ( I order from http://www.RENT MOTHER website to order fresh food from in Vermont)

To prepare


Goat cheese bits, olive oil, a splash of Apple Cider vinegar ( great detox qualities ) and lemon juice. More salt than normal (remember I had two beers)

Preheat Oven to 400

Add leeks to thinly sliced potatoes, olive oil, a splash of lemon. Sea salt and pepper. Mix in baking dish and put in oven first.

Mix Brussel sprouts with grated parmesan cheese, honey and Vegenaise . Salt and pepper.

Put in oven on top rack after about 20 minutes of the potatoes.

Place the defrosted cod filets in a flat baking dish and add the red quinoa ( not too much -I used the leftovers ) , olives, tomato, butter, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Cook until flakey off but there is a nice little broth of the lemon, butter, tomatoes and olives. ( I may have added a tad of olive oil, can’t remember )

Serve the lettuce with goat cheese bits with mix with dressing above.

Serve all on the same plate. The potatoes should be crispy and dripping with olive oil.

Drink more beer. Add more salt. Yum.





A Tryst with a Home . Part 1

This is a post about an affair I had with a house. My client Elissa and I cheated on her house with another house, a David Adler designed home down the street. She and her husband placed a bid on this home, all the while we were decorating her current home..

David Adler Home for Sale

David Adler Home for Sale that was the culprit and part of the reasoning behind her current color explosion at her existing home

Elissa called me out of the blue around the time  I was pondering the idea of exchanging my swatch books for more time on the tennis court and possibly taking a stab at gardening.  Yet, secretly I wanted to be everything from a Vegan Shaman to a City Council woman who fosters dogs.  I was lost  in my creative and yet schizophrenic spirit that had me  thinking I could do anything and .. nothing.

Elissa called and candidly explained how she was in remission from cancer and sent me a photo of herself with a swollen face on a beige sofa, next to a blanket of white snow in the background. Help! was the subject in the email.  During her illness her mother hopped on a plane from Connecticut to dive in with decorating.  Elissa had a young son and an empty house. Stepping into high gear her mom ordered from catalogs, sourced fabrics and raced around in the hopes that her daughter’s family had something to sit on.

House in Lake Forest

Elissa’s house in Lake Forest









Elissa’s mom, prefers barns to design centers so this was a labor of love for her daughter. ( Yes, tears welling up now)  She sounds like my kind of gal, a lover of animals and rarely shops or buys anything, unless it is for someone else. If you had a sneak peek into Elissa’s closet-Cream and black rule so I assumed color would be out. Her home was somewhat decorated with muted tones and while I thought they were pretty, she wanted to out them like her memories of sitting in bed for days on end.

How could I not take this job? Cancer survivor funny girl with a super cool house? Check.

Upon arrival Elissa and I raced from room to room talking more about factory farming and big Pharma more than paint colors. She insisted she needed me and I accepted.  Although I would have lived in this house naked in the cold for a year just to be close to this architecture.)

After the weekend we made our final design decision for the house ,”Lets make this feel like a preppy 80’s house that Mark Hampton may have designed.” This way, it could feel dated in a chic way and we never have to decorate again.

I was also to design her apartment in the city which we agreed would be more “French and urban” because we both think we are half French.  Lake Forest was to receive a color injection. And we went a little bonkers..


Front yard area in Lake Forest

Our design juices flowed because we knew that Adler was lurking, flirting with us in the background. Nothing was mulled over endlessly, we were quick on decisions, we reused and reinvented everything.  We pulled from the basement. We spent wisely.  Palm Beach thrift stores, sisals and chic catalog pieces were easy choices. Art and photography were new investments . Family photos received new white frames with grasscloth mats. Auction pieces trickled in.

Miles Redd

Miles Redd- Talk about a happy room. This was our inspiration… Here is a lesson to everyone including myself- Inspiration is inspiration. Your home will never resemble the tear sheets because most likely the bones do not match what you have, or your wallet.  Whoever you are is more exciting than who is living in that Elle Decor spread. When you buy with love and it is coming from an authentic place-Well, that trumps that Pinterest pin that was styled by a professional and created for a photo shoot ( unless Miles Redd decorates your house and it does look like this in real life)


Grotto Bench

Grotto Bench

So here we are at Happy Town . After you experience what Elissa did, we focused on how things made her feel more than how it looked to anyone else.

Scanned Image 112990002

Samuel and Sons Trim

Scanned Image 111610000 P1030779

Confidence is sexy like that.  We picked what we loved, no matter provenance or pedigree and it worked in our eyes.

The mirrors are a purchase from Wisteria catalog from her mother. J’adore!



A Richard Goerner Photograph

A Richard Goerner Photograph sits above two Painted White Miniature French chairs covered in Clarence House Velvet Fabric


Photo Photo


The dining room comes next. Stay tuned.

Simple Saturday Happiness

This is Eloise at age 2 running through the front yard on 4th Street

This is Eloise at age 2 running through the front yard on 4th Street

This never happens unless we have guests

This never happens unless we have guests but I thought it was a pretty way to start the day on a blog.

I woke up around 5:45 this morning worried about two things-Was there enough milk for my coffee and what can I blog about today. Last night I read that one should blog often with the truth in mind . I am taking this advice and will write about how happy I am it is Saturday. Really happy!

I woke up a tad hung over from a cosmopolitan I drank after a tennis game . This is a drink I never drink and was wondering why as I sluggishly walked downstairs around 5:50 am. When I saw their was enough milk for me ( selfish wife ) and I did not have to go to the store I skipped around the house and turning off all the exterior lights. I am a scaredy cat at night.. Yes, I think there is a boogie man and I go into an irrational lock down mode at my house every night with alarms and far too many lights on.

4th Street in April

4th Street in April


Which brings me to my home. I love my house the most on the weekends. And when I do not compare ( as a designer it is so easy to do this) I feel so blessed to have this life.   I know these are the best years. I know my children will grow up before my eyes. I know I am lucky I met Luke. I still have dreams of myself in New York, desperately trying to find a husband and dating around and thinking each guy could be the one. What a ding dong! Talk about desperado… I have plenty of friends who are not married and marriage does not suit everyone. And many of my friends will meet the loves of their lives at another age. And, sometimes, when Luke and I argue , I imagine my getaway plan and being single at 45. This may entail a boob job but things could be worse..

It is easy to be in a honey moon phase when  your children are 2, 4 and 7.  Most days I just stare at their little hands, their small perfect teeth and smell their heads until they tell me to stop.  While there are days  I think child services could come and get me for being a bad mom I think I am much better than I would have been younger-Time starts to zoom by in your 40’s.

We live in Hancock Park in Los Angeles. My neighborhood resembles any other neighborhood that could be in the mid west, the south ,or New England ( Sort of. )These are some of the nicer houses in my neighborhood and I have made sure to exclude the really tacky bad ones with turquoise gates and too many fake columns.


Our house was the worst house on a rather nice block. This is our house when we bought it. And that is Bear and Lilah. My first two children.

DSC_0009 imagebuilder-ptop.asp DSC_0005



It was a tear down and we were the only bidders who were not going to tear it down.




Luke was in London and our dear friend and realtor, Barry, called me and told me he found our home. We had stopped looking because everything was so expensive in Santa Monica. Luke surfs so he wanted to live there. I loved Hancock Park because it reminds me of the south. At first site of the broken down white stucco and columns that reminded me of University of Virginia, I told Barry we wanted it.

Luke said yes site unseen. Keep in mind this broken down house was a stretch for us and Luke said yes for me not because it was an easy purchase. He told me he trusted me on this as I could see through the rubble of the house. It also resembled my grandfathers home on Chesapeake Bay affectionally named Cedar Point-

Cedar Point

Cedar Point

The transformation took a year and it is always ongoing as you can witness from this post.

This house was a chauffeurs quarters to a larger home that sits in front of ours. These were the steps that led to the little bedroom that was basically the whole house.

This house was a chauffeurs quarters to a larger home that sits in front of ours. These were the steps that led to the little bedroom that was basically the whole house.


I sold these chairs and table on One Kings Lane when I needed some cash . I hope they found a happy home.


Pool house on a clean day

Pool house on a clean day


This is the old garage that we converted for Lukes office.

This is the old garage that we converted for Lukes office. This is all sunbrella fabric which I bought in two shades of pink. The furniture came from the Brimfield flea market and is quite delicate and pretty. It was $275 for everything. Not so comfortable I have to admit. 


Back yard before playhouse and kids

Back yard before playhouse and kids



My house looks much better at night because our coping around the pool is still from the 50's.

My house looks much better at night because our coping around the pool is still from the 50’s.

We never changed the pool.  You can get a great exfoliation on your feet if walk on the bottom..

We never changed the pool. You can get a great exfoliation on your feet if walk on the bottom..



Los Angeles weather can not be beat on days like this.


The boxwood planters are now filled with hydrangea.

And now for my favorite photos of real life on 4th street-

Posey picking beets

Posey picking beets


This was this morning. Skateboards and an ugly pool fence are the look of the day.


Eloise and Luke about 3 years ago


Bailey and Posey in their play house ( back patio )  with their toys ( ladder and hose)

Bailey and Posey in their play house ( back patio ) with their toys ( ladder and hose)


Eloise as a little girl

Eloise playing by pool

Eloise playing by pool. This is all black and white film. I get so excited to get it developed and see what happens. I find it more gratifying than the instant photo that you can retake and retake. But I do love my iPhone so I enjoy both worlds of photography.


Have a wonderful last day of May! We will never have this day again so enjoy your Saturday!


Friday Favorites

2a6deba089c5a56b7e1457bc5e365943a8eaa481ac2beb464b623f03653ecee4Blogging 101 information clearly states in order to hook readers, one should make lists, create specials days of the week that showcase the same kind of posts and stay consistent. Consistent is not in my vocabulary. If it were, well, I would not be here.  I know I am so mentally unorganized, verging on serious ADD , that I worry I could not keep it up. My sister said yesterday to me, “You know you should do something every Tuesday or Friday kind of thing.. ” I am taking her advice.
















Today is Friday Favorites. I read some quotes on the Huffington Post from commencement speeches this morning and they all inspired that Hear Me Roar side of me..  This little voice goes missing as much as my keys and phone do but when it calls-I need to listen.

Technicolor is how I see the world.  Lordy, I wish I could design that perfect creamy white room in my own home-I am starting a job now that will be as serene as a sunset.. But for now, today-I celebrate that wild side of me as I am thrilled I made it though one week of a writing a blog. I may fail or get bored. I am constantly challenged because I have realized that I use the word chic and fabulous far too often. This quote by Dr Seuss below is one of my favorites.59c3f040b40f6c7455233c044e207a24















We can only really be ourselves to standout.  I tried to be someone else when I injected my upper lip with collagen when I was 35.  I thought I looked younger and probably prettier.. I remember skipping down Madison Avenue holding ice to my upper lip. At a rehearsal dinner the following night, I was asked if I  had bitten my lip by my dinner partner when we were laughing with one another.  So here I am with liver lips and I use too much color and I am a bad speller. Time to celebrate it all.35e8489e0611206f5af7ad2881912532


– Here is to banning self doubt, rocking out as a girl, a woman, a mom, and friend to music and  the colors of summer this weekend.














This is “Girlfriend by Phoenix

Zadie Smith

“Walk down these crowded streets with a smile on your face. Be thankful you get to walk so close to other humans. It’s a privilege. Don’t let your fellow humans be alien to you, and as you get older and perhaps a little less open than you are now, don’t assume that exclusive always and everywhere means better. It may only mean lonelier. There will always be folks hard selling you the life of the few: the private schools, private plans, private islands, private life. They are trying to convince you that hell is other people. Don’t believe it.”


Thank you to my mother for making me write thank you notes.



Thank you to clients who allow me to use color unapologetically.



Thank you Claire DeJardins for throwing color on a canvas






































Ann Marie Slaughter-

On competition- This is for people who are always busy– Ann says “suggest to them that they must be very inefficient workers. Pity them for not having enough depth and breadth to get a life… Stand up for play — for the leisure that will renew and recharge you. Stand up for love. Stand up for each other, and equally importantly for those who do not have the privilege that you do. Stand up for their right to have a life of meaningful work that earns them a living and the time and resources to enjoy their lives.”















I LOVE THIS QUOTE. I told anyone that would listen how busy I was for about three years.  Secretly I felt empowered saying those words.. Oh I have so much work.. Humble brag?.. It is ok to tell your husband this.. But not everyone you see.   Well guess what Ruthie? Everyone is busy .. And maybe, it is not that cool to be busy.  And now,  I say exactly that to everyone.. people say.. You must be so busy.. My answer is that everyone is leading a busy life and no I am not but thank you so much for thinking so. It actually works in my head and I start to relax a little. Here is to standing up to play and creating time and not being so busy.


Thank you to those people who are trying to farm small and know that the oceans and animals and the animals and what we eat is all connected.


Here is to color making me happy

















Here is to knowing I will never make this

Cecile Richards

“If you hold out for an invitation, chances are good you’ll miss the party. And by the party I mean life. Growing up, Mom always told me: The answer to life is yes. This is the only life you have so make the most of it





Susan Wojckici ( YouTube CEO)

“Life doesn’t offer you the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. Opportunities come when you least expect them … Rarely are opportunities presented to you in a perfect way. In a nice little box with a yellow bow on top. ‘Here, open it, it’s perfect. You’ll love it.’ Opportunities — the good ones — are messy, confusing and hard to recognize. They’re risky. They challenge you.


Billie Jean King

“This is the century of women. And don’t you forget it.”

This is Lorde-Tennis Court

I encourage everyone to turn off the AC, open the windows and listen loudly..



Food in its Birthday Suit

This blog post is for you if any of the following pertains to you-

1. You say the word organic far too many times in one day.

2. You prefer to buy food in season even when the tomatoes are calling your name from the grocery aisle in late December and oversize strawberries scare you.

3. You fantasize that you just may have lived in a castle at one point in your  previous life.  Why else would you buy rugs with holes in them and portraits of people you do not know.

Axel Voorvordt’s Home



4. Your fridge is more empty than stacked and you have signs like this stuck to it.


















5. You have a great love for plants but most likely do not consume a great amount of food that was made in a plant.

6. You have a farm to table, non GMO , or food porn Pinterest page- ( My apologies for using the word porn but the photos of blackberry homemade gelato are slightly thrilling  )















7. You have a small backyard garden but collect photos like this.


If you answered yes to any of the above this cook book will be one of your favorites.


At Home with May and Axel Vervoordt: Recipes for Every Season is the cook book du jour for me. May Vervoordt, does not mention any of the popular jargon about organic  that we see in so many cook books on the shelves today. Hers is an elegant and classic approach. I should take a hint from her-The proof is the pudding isn’t it? This book is as pure as her food choices and delightful as her table settings.

The unpretentious, real, thoughtful and simple recipes of May Vervoordt are almost too good to be true. She pairs them with table settings that appear simple and timeless yet result from a life time of collecting and pairing food to moments. It is a must have. We get a rare chance to get a sneak peek into some of the worlds most artistic and extremely discreet couple. Community and food prevail. I can not imagine a more surreal existence living from a garden and cooking with fresh food daily and enjoying people for hours on end.. I doubt anyone brings their cell phones to these dinners! How glorious.





6-belgiankitchens 02_axel-vervoordt-wirtz-international-belgian-estate 6vervy910-lgn 9fa403e5-7376-4355-94b3-7e07348ab8b9_seven_hundred



Turnips with Herb oil


Dining with the Vervoordts

Peter Marino


Peter Marino’s Hampton Retreat is one of the most beautiful gardens I have seen ( only on the pages of AD no less). .  I am often told by my dear friend and landscape architect, Shannon Cushing,  that there is no such thing as an instant garden when she brings over my minuscule looking 5 gallon plant-. And this is the most pristine example of labor, love and creativity.  ( Architectural Digest ) Photography credit-Jason Schmidt



This is the purple garden. The fountain, purchased in France by Peter,  is surrounded by rhododendrons. How chic! Purple is my favorite color. I have loved purple since I was in elementary school. When I came home from camp one year my mother had my bathroom painted aubergine. While it was not the striking lavender or the pinky purple I adored-I thought this was very forward. She then had my best friends mother, Lulie Mallard, paint pale green celadon bows over the doors and small detailed renderings of shells everywhere. How I wish I had a photo of that bathroom..

This is the purple garden. The fountain, purchased in France by Peter, is surrounded by rhododendrons. How chic! Purple is my favorite color. I have loved purple since I was in elementary school. When I came home from camp one year my mother had my bathroom painted aubergine. While it was not the striking lavender or the pinky purple I adored-I thought this was very forward. She then had my best friends mother, Lulie Mallard, paint pale green celadon bows over the doors and small detailed renderings of shells everywhere. How I wish I had a photo of that bathroom..




I can not imagine strolling down this walkway in the early morning dawn in the spring. How glorious! American Beauty roses surround Bartlett pear trees and herbs. When I started reading the text, which I do not always do in AD ( sometimes the name dropping and provenance this or that gets distracting ) I learned that Peter Marino drives a “mean tractor”.. While I am not sure what this means exactly I read on to discover that his hair stands on the back of his neck if he sees a hedge leaf out of place. Well, Peter, you should scoot on over to my house with my dying boxwoods and fledging roses.. You may collapse on first site. But he redeemed himself by the end of article when he purposely added a splash of “vulgarity” and planted a cutting garden saturated with gladiolas. “Nobody grows them because people do not want to be accused of having bad taste, So I have acres of them” Now that is cool ,Peter!



Memorial Day

It is so easy to forget why we celebrate Memorial Day. And I am embarrassed to admit that when asked by my friend Jimmy, as we were driving past the California coast to enjoy this holiday,  What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?. Neither of knew the precise definition.

Today we pause and remember those who have died for our country. The words slip out easily for me. I know no one in the military serving our country. I have no relation or daily reminders to people who have died, or know mothers who have lost sons or daughters in the current war. My grandfather was a medic in WWII. I have stories. But no current connections. Guilt creeps up on me on days like this. We have so much. And men and women risk their lives for me. Yes, me.

We live a bucolic sheltered life from war in the United States. September 11th recharged the American spirit from the tragedy of that day. I remember it well.   Since then, we have become a nation where news of death in the middle east is relegated to the back page of a newspaper.  Memorial Day has become synonymous with a sale at Nordstroms or taking the day off from work. Wouldn’t be great if all the sales from everywhere donated a portion to fallen soldiers families? How amazing would that be?

For my small contribution-I am writing a letter to the parents of a fallen solider. With an average of 22 suicides of veterans a day in America I feel that I can do something to say thank you. I am not sure what I am going to write exactly-  Thank you is foremost. My cynical side of me feels that this is just a drop in the pan – I feel guilty about the life I lead .. But then I don’t.. Should I tell them how I have seen women with a rich life, healthy children actually get mad when their wallpaper for their walk in closet is delayed? I watch people actually cut others off at my Whole Foods parking lot to get a spot and flip the bird rushing to inject themselves with the wheat grass juice.  We live a charmed life and much of is not appreciated and I am to blame on this level as well. Today is great reminder for me to not sweat the small stuff. Today I remember that life is short and war is real and mothers, fathers and brothers and sisters. A women, just like me, with young children is getting news today that their soul mate is gone.  I am grateful for all the soldiers that have died for me, Americans and everyone all around this tiny planet.  I hope they have happiness and love and sunshine wherever they are.

The photo below is of  Liam and Theo. Liam was killed by the Taliban and his best friend and dog ,Theo, died shortly afterwards. This photo struck a cord with me because it made me see the reality of war, humanity and love all wrapped up into one photo. I hope everyone enjoys the day, smells the roses and look at the stars tonight as if they only come out once a year!

Love Ruthie



– Before you read this I realize this song may sound cheesy given this post topic- I am not trying to sensationalize this little post. The song is beautiful regardless but I was listening to this on the plane yesterday before I came home to find out this news-so it feels ok to share.

But my story is sad. VIenna died yesterday. She was hit by a car when I was coming back from visiting my clients home in Lake Forest, Chicago. Vienna was our fourth dog and such an adorable, dear scared little rescue. She followed me everywhere. When I left the house she would sit in my old green velvet fauteuil louis xvi chair waiting nervously for me. The tears keep coming and I can not help remembering yesterday and the awful events. I got to the doctor too late. She died in the waiting room.
What she was thinking in her last moments? Maybe she had a choice and decided heaven was better with more treats and constant companions? My spiritual side is trying to make sense of the lesson of her soul somewhere in this. It would be so easy to say that this is life and we all have a cycle. But she was only five and she was finally with a family and mother that loved her. My heart hurts as it does when you loose anything special. I hope she did not suffer and where ever she traveled to-It must have been better than here right?

I love this quote by the author of Marley and Me, John Grogan-
“A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. Status symbol means nothing to him. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog judges others not by their color or creed or class but by who they are inside. “A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his. It was really quite simple, and yet we humans, so much wiser and more sophisticated, have always had trouble figuring out what really counts and what does not”

Dogs bring me so much joy and there is no doubt they are responsible for much of my light hearted happy nature. While that sounds corny, I know the feeling of sitting on a green grassy lawn with the sun beating down lasts longer than buying a new pair of shoes. I know that when I wake up everyday, my husband and I laugh about something that one of our four dogs was doing during the night. Luke gets on the floor and rolls around with Bear every morning. I squeeze Sugars black little “ghetto dog” face. Lilah is usually under the covers and V ( I called her V) Vienna was stuck to me like glue when I would dance my way downstairs for coffee in a.m.

Because I am a morning person I could not wait to have a cup of coffee and walk around my garden before the girls woke up. The spring weather is LA has been hot. My blueberries keep surprising me so I hurry out every morning to see if I can start picking them.  Vienna would venture out confidently around my boxwoods and in and out of little hidden areas.  This is what I have to remember I suppose. The minutes. The moments. They are fleeting no matter what. I am always surprised to see people who are trying to capture every single moment by video tape or cameras.  It is hard to do both-Be present and tape?-But I raced to my iPhoto to find photos and videos funny enough- – And while I was scouring my computer for those very same videos yesterday to find any moments of  V-I remember the smell of the morning the most -the sweetest smell of jasmine blooming, the birds chirping in the morning and V running around.   The combination of aromatic coffee, early morning and sweet V is how I started my day grateful. I  need to remember happiness comes from a state of mind.

Today is my day to be grateful for those minutes. To be alive and healthy myself and to have the capacity to take in and care for those who can not care for themselves.  And gratitude, on any level is what really makes our hearts sing and keeps us grounded.
I love the quote-“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” What a short order in life to aspire to do.
Vienna, I love you and will never forget you and I will see you again one day.
Love Ruthie

Design Sponge

Now that I have a blog I feel so much more gratitude for the people and bloggers that were kind enough to think I had something interesting to say! How lovely when someone wants your opinion.. (Because we all know our kids and hubbies can loose interest …)

Design Sponge has been a constant resource for me over the years and I would like to repost this blog where we had a conversation over a Q and A. How I wish we lived in 18th C France or somewhere where we were able to sit and chat. I would have had many questions answered myself.  cropped-elle.jpg

Here is my thank you and my gratitude for putting me on your map!