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I have wanted to start a blog for quite a while now. You see, I am a news junkie-I love anything related to science, everything that has to do with animals, I cry reading National Geographic and I devour all books that relate to pediatric nutrition- Oh,, I am a decorator/designer by trade so I should factor that in somewhere. I listen to music all the time because I find it feeds my soul. I needed a place to put all of these ideas so I will stop preaching to my friends and find a way to be accountable for the ideas I do feel passionately about. – I have been living so quietly for a long time-I have not updated my Facebook since my first child. And I have not , Audrey Hepburn forbid, never posted press on Facebook- That would be gauche..right? Or wrong Ruthie-You see, I was judging others to make myself look better. Twitter feels like a waste of time-. When I am 80 will I wish I tweeted? Probably not- I can barely make it to the post office to get stamps-Much less learn about someplace I will never travel to or a hairstyle I could never achieve. We live in a noisy world with followers, likes, Facebook humble bragging and everything in between. Part of the social media makes me oddly insecure and part of it just annoys me. ( And this is a word I rarely use).. , – Do not get me wrong- J aime attention! I sit more on the sidelines and I do want everyone to win, I want everyone to be liked.. I mean who doesn’t? And anyway, if I were to keep Facebook up or Twitter or whatever-I would have to find the best photos of me ever , the cutest shots of my kids and fake trekking off to some chic destination and make comments like- “Bummer, plane delayed at Teterboro on way to St Barths.. ” ( Which is really saying.. flying privtately and look where we are going.. I am not salty . I am the first to admit I will gladly hop on a clients plane or ride with glee on a friend of a friends plane if the chance ever becomes available-And I covet some hair styles that my skinny long face could never handle-But I do all this in private. -Oh I am a humble bragger-Just not online.



So here it is. I decided to make my sharing with the world a journal. That way, if no one reads it, I will not feel “unliked”..I am not claiming to be an expert on anything. I promise to not use the word celebrity in anything ..I tend to be a chatter. And there is nothing worse then chatting too much in person.. so here it comes in the form of a blog. This will be a place that I share all the half books I read, salivate at all the gardens I will never own, share quotes that do help me through the day and spread some love and gratitude that I feel everyday for being alive. But do check out the photo I chose for first blog post? Bien sur! It is from nine years ago… Soft blurry light make to conceal the complexion of sun damage and ever growing moles… ( My daughter recently asked if they were chocolate chips but that is another post) I am not wearing heels so my real height of a shrinking 5’7 is true-I do not paint like I used to but this photo makes me look like I do.

The truth in this photo is that I have the same outfit and wear it often. I live a kind of messy boheme life- paintbrushes, dog hair, sand, gardens and house parties are my groove . And I do have the same heart-Which I try to make bigger and better everyday. This is me- Insecure but clearly vain-Real and happy and hoping everyone wins and everyone is liked.







4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jennifer Scheer

    As a longtime fan of your interiors, I’ve always loved the way you connect the heritage of design classics with a fresh sense of liveliness. And I’ve always admired that you let your work speak for itself. Secretly, though, I am happy to hear from you, and look forward to getting to know you!

    1. ruthiesommers Post author

      Thank you so much! I hope I do not disappoint. I am going to work on some before and afters. I look forward to comments as this is a new avenue for me. I have some new photos I will be showing as well!Thank you again for the kind words. They made my day.

  2. Ruthi

    I was so excited to find a link to your new blog on your pinterest page. The first time I read your name was in Domino magazine back in 2005 and I’ve been a fan ever since. I look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

    1. ruthiesommers Post author

      So exciting!Thank you so much for the support. I hope you will come back. I have so many old photos and great designs from designer friends and some interviews as well coming up. Thank you!! Ruthie


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