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Baked Cod and Two Beers

This came from 100Layer Cake blog. This has nothing to do with my dinner by the way.

I should start off by saying that I do not identify myself as any kind of chef. I do like to cook and I did make a category labeled food and booze for a reason. I tend to associate food with health, nature, pleasure and people. And well, a good party and some fun.  The better half of my Saturday mornings are spent pinning recipes from Pinterest that I may or may not ever attempt. I can’t bake very well yet I collect the most elaborate cake inspiration tear sheets in a folder on my desk top.

Silvia Weinstock Cake I attempted to make once. And that was the last

Silvia Weinstock Cake I attempted to make once. And that was the last time.










Luke tells people I am a genius in the kitchen and that my cooking has rendered him super trim and healthy . He feels like a new man, he exclaims.  This is lie. A plate of hot food for a hungry man like my husband ( who gobbles up the children’s food before they have had a bite) is the equivalent of me dressing up in black lingerie.  So, I choose to lay out the cheese plate instead of me on most evenings.


I am into bread. I do not see the dangers in it when the bread is freshly baked and has 5 ingredients. Photo from Camille Styles blog.

That being said, I think I am savvy at mixing and melding whatever happens to be in the fridge to come up with something for dinner. This comes from being frugal and also being that sap of a bleeding heart that is always telling their children that some child, somewhere is starving.

For this meal -I drank one Corona mixed with real lemon juice and a dab of Stevia before I peeked in my empty fridge.  All I saw was leftover Quinoa and some tomatoes from the children plates. Not coming up with something creative, I drank another beer. It was surprisingly perfect and refreshing. ( I stopped drinking white wine on my 40th birthday. Game changer on the hangover situation.)

Here is Baked Cod with Salad and Two Beers.


Green Leaf lettuce

Goat cheese

Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil , Lemon, Pink sea salt

Leftover Red Quinoa from my kids dinner Has to be red and the tiny kind

Frozen Cod from Whole Foods ( This was the first time I bought frozen in a package-But it worked..)

A handful of Chopped black olives

One half of a Tomato ( this ended up being perfect because I must add too many usually and fish can get watery from tomatoes..)

Sliced mini purple and red organic potatoes ( organic because these carry the most toxins from pesticides and farmers market fresh do taste better )

One leek- Chopped thinly and sprinkled around potatoes in baking dish

Brussel sprouts – I only had about 10 in total

Vegenaise- I use this all the time. I love eggs but this is sweeter than mayonnaise . I prefer the soy free kind.

A dab of Honey ( I order from http://www.RENT MOTHER website to order fresh food from in Vermont)

To prepare


Goat cheese bits, olive oil, a splash of Apple Cider vinegar ( great detox qualities ) and lemon juice. More salt than normal (remember I had two beers)

Preheat Oven to 400

Add leeks to thinly sliced potatoes, olive oil, a splash of lemon. Sea salt and pepper. Mix in baking dish and put in oven first.

Mix Brussel sprouts with grated parmesan cheese, honey and Vegenaise . Salt and pepper.

Put in oven on top rack after about 20 minutes of the potatoes.

Place the defrosted cod filets in a flat baking dish and add the red quinoa ( not too much -I used the leftovers ) , olives, tomato, butter, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Cook until flakey off but there is a nice little broth of the lemon, butter, tomatoes and olives. ( I may have added a tad of olive oil, can’t remember )

Serve the lettuce with goat cheese bits with mix with dressing above.

Serve all on the same plate. The potatoes should be crispy and dripping with olive oil.

Drink more beer. Add more salt. Yum.





Food in its Birthday Suit

This blog post is for you if any of the following pertains to you-

1. You say the word organic far too many times in one day.

2. You prefer to buy food in season even when the tomatoes are calling your name from the grocery aisle in late December and oversize strawberries scare you.

3. You fantasize that you just may have lived in a castle at one point in your  previous life.  Why else would you buy rugs with holes in them and portraits of people you do not know.

Axel Voorvordt’s Home



4. Your fridge is more empty than stacked and you have signs like this stuck to it.


















5. You have a great love for plants but most likely do not consume a great amount of food that was made in a plant.

6. You have a farm to table, non GMO , or food porn Pinterest page- ( My apologies for using the word porn but the photos of blackberry homemade gelato are slightly thrilling  )















7. You have a small backyard garden but collect photos like this.


If you answered yes to any of the above this cook book will be one of your favorites.


At Home with May and Axel Vervoordt: Recipes for Every Season is the cook book du jour for me. May Vervoordt, does not mention any of the popular jargon about organic  that we see in so many cook books on the shelves today. Hers is an elegant and classic approach. I should take a hint from her-The proof is the pudding isn’t it? This book is as pure as her food choices and delightful as her table settings.

The unpretentious, real, thoughtful and simple recipes of May Vervoordt are almost too good to be true. She pairs them with table settings that appear simple and timeless yet result from a life time of collecting and pairing food to moments. It is a must have. We get a rare chance to get a sneak peek into some of the worlds most artistic and extremely discreet couple. Community and food prevail. I can not imagine a more surreal existence living from a garden and cooking with fresh food daily and enjoying people for hours on end.. I doubt anyone brings their cell phones to these dinners! How glorious.





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Turnips with Herb oil


Dining with the Vervoordts