I have wanted to start a blog for quite a while now. However, the quiet side of me said not to. We live in a noisy world with followers, likes, Facebook humble bragging and everything in between. Part of the social makes me insecure and part of it just annoys me. ( And this is a word I rarely use).. But the “tastemakers, top ten lists, all the best blogs, A-listers, – This is not really my style. Do not get me wrong-J aime attention! But I do tend to sit more on the sidelines and I do want everyone to win, I want everyone to be liked..Everyone has their own style and unique footprint. Why make a B lister? So here it is. I decided to make it a journal. That way, if no one reads this ,  I will not feel “unliked”..I am not claiming to be an expert on anything. I promise to not use the word celebrity ever unless it relates to a fabric or designer or activist or just a cool chick ..I  tend to be a chatter. And there is nothing worse then chatting too much in person.. so here it comes in the form of a blog.  And the photo I chose for first blog post? Well of course it is from 9 years ago. The light is blurred so I appear to have dewy skin. ( Actually, the other day my daughter asked why I have brown patches on my face!)  I am not wearing heels so my real height of a shrinking 5’7 is true. I do not paint like I used to but this photo makes me seem like I often sip white wine while painting sunsets.. Not.. So there-Insecure, but real. Happy but wanting more connection. This is it. Lets hope I can stick to it!

bulletin board



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Brenda

    Congrats Ruthie!
    I must admit, I have admired and followed you since stumbling upon your article on Drew Barrymore’s LA office in the Domino issue.
    It was so old school Hollywood styling reinvented.
    Not too sure how I came across your blog, I did, and it is beautiful to open with a poem.
    Thank you for making homes, things beautiful, and for writing so eloquently.
    You are inspiring, I have thought to have a blog, if only to create a space of beauty.


    1. ruthiesommers Post author

      thank you so much. This comes at such a wonderful moment for me. I started writing again in September. It is all going to be published soon. Thank you for your delightful and encouraging words. This made my day.


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