From East to West

I heard from a very popular blogger than when you do not feel like writing that most likely, your readers are not interested in reading . Holidays and heat waves could be the culprit .

Los Angeles has been an inferno. And not just the temperature. My heart has been heating up in more ways than one. Now that I am  back from the wonderment of summer debauchery, tennis, sunsets, late mornings,riding bikes, and attending after parties , I actually think I am lost.

Carpool, Mammogram appointments, What’s for dinner? , PTA night, Snack day.  Who am I?

I went from  seeing my husband so infrequently this summer ( he was able to come three times in 10 weeks ) that I actually remembered what it was like to impress him. Think hair salon, a week of squats and delivering breakfast in bed to him every morning. There was no “Honey , can you take out the recycling” I had him dialed..It was a honey moon in every sense of the word.

Now, back in LA, we are back into the mode of life. It is a grand life with healthy children and a roof over our heads. Schedules, rules and calendars run my day now.  I jumped back on the hamster wheel with the hubby over a silly argument about who was going to rent the piano for Bailey, my second child. And to add insult to injury,  I donned the most horrendous pair of old granny panties while I complained to him. This is not cool to do when your husband is starting to look younger than you.

So what I have done to feel better?

I allowed the girls to stay up past their bedtime last night. We ate food on beach towels and they all tee-teed on the lawn and squealed with delight.  I sipped on a beer and sprayed the hose on them as they jumped in and out of our swimming pool naked.  I could not muster the energy to do bath time, story time, tickles and  “May I have one more glass of water” . Everyone fell asleep in the their clothes.  And all children had a spring in their step the next day.

I am also sporting a highlights and a blow out. ( I never get them as I can not  stand the word blow out or the overdone look in general. Having long blown out hair reminds of 40 something women in reality shows or on Entertainment Tonight. .. But golly it works! Wow! It was worth every penny as I watched my face look better and better under a sheath of shiny smooth hair.

My heart feels good. And I am blogging. Let the Fall roll in..

Below is my attempt to share without sharing too much.. These are my photos from being home on the east coast and coming back to where my heart is.


Mid July. 40- something year old women adding more concealer before party..Newport RI

photo 2

Pond at Wedding Ceremony


Flowers on a window sill at end of summer party in powder room


Sneak peek into bathroom during a photo shoot


Fresh snap peas from garden waiting on counter


Living Room of friends grandmother’s home


Working kitchen that has not changed since the 50’s..


Newly clipped hedges on “Bunny Hop Island ” . Affectionately named by the girls..


After the rain on the lawn


South Carolina Crabbing.


My God daughter , Mimi.


Sunset on the marsh




The Atlantic

photo 3


photo 4

Pawleys Island


The flower room


Back to Hollister..


The hoe down farm stand..

photo 2

Camping on the lawn..




Growing up


Very proud papa..


The McDonough family beach day


2 thoughts on “From East to West

  1. Kim Wheeler (@NorCalStyle)

    Ruthie, Can’t tell you how much I can relate to this post! I feel little blogging inspiration and like you the daily jumble of school, cooking, homework has hit us all hard. Re-entry is tough after those lovely summer days. Good for you for taking a night off and forgetting bedtimes, routines and all. We could use some of that. Lovely photos too! Happy fall. Just adore your writing and perspective!


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