Audrey and My Phone


Audrey Hepburn said, ” Pick the Day ! Enjoy it to the hilt.  The day as it comes. People as they come. Not to live for the day . That would be materialistic-but to treasure the day. ”

I desperately wanted to come up with something new and catchy to write about today. However, I need to check out of the computer and phone abyss that takes up so much of my  day. My phone is wrecking me. I am over it. Throw it in the ocean!  Why it is so popular ? Why do I check it every twenty minutes? Who is in there?  It is driving me crazy yet I yearn to find it, touch it and open up the contents of a world of Safari, email, Pinterest and news hour by hour.  What is in my little silver square treasure chest of a computer that is more important than playing in a real treasure chest with my children?  When I am eighty, and golly I hope I make it there, I will have never wished I spent more time on my computer. I will have known, sadly, that I looked at my phone too often.

where did all the fun










I will long for the days of the soft, buttery touch of my two years old hand. I know, with all certainty , that I will not remember the weight of my four-year old’s body when I pick her up and I will forget what my seven-year olds hair smells like ( unwashed, like mine, I know it well now!)



So today, I can not think about rooms, or things. I want to disconnect from my phone even though it is Tuesday. I will not read the news because lately what I read has scared me. I have had thoughts of fear that surround my children and the what if’s have become too vivid for me.

I need to reach in my toolbox and know that everything can wait, nothing is a rush and appreciate and find meaning in all the little things .


Last night my children wanted to watch a cartoon. I said ,Go Play!  They came up with the most amazing ” trap” by the front door of our home. Eloise filled a small box with shredded paper from my office, Bailey found two pieces of old ribbon and Posey just ran around following them like a baby duckling. When I peeked at what they were doing I saw my chintzy living room pillows,  hat boxes and several other misplaced items by the front door. A small box filled with shredded paper was set on the  tippy top ledge of the door in hopes of Luke walking through any minute. However, the plan failed and I was to be the new recipient. Eloise asked me to watch her do cartwheels in the front yard and I quipped that  I needed to finish an email. Finally I raced out ,with the email on my mind, and then darted back inside the front door. Only to be stopped by a rainfall of white confetti. The joke was on me.

Minutes before, while I was typing on my computer, my ego was reminding me of what a good choice I made.. “No TV girls, it is uncreative. There is no flow.. ( did I hear that on Oprah?) .. But , there I was, NOT in their flow. Go Play? Where was my play at 7 pm?

Today I choose to be as present as possible. I am trusting my gut this morning and chose to write about how I feel.  Who cares about lamp shades any way? Today June 10th 2014, will be about the smelling, the touching, the listening and maybe even some journaling .. On paper that is.. Have a wonderful day whatever you choose to do!


This is heart designed by a farmer for his late wife. What a beautiful homage and also a reminder to what is the precious thing of all-Time.


3 thoughts on “Audrey and My Phone

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  2. Toni


    Just discovered your blog via Effortless Style and just love it. Love the writing, love the subjects you write about, and, of course, love your design sensibility. I particularly love the references to LA, where I also grew up. My sister lives in the neighborhood just west of Hancock Park (near LaBrea) and we know this are well. So great to discover a new and interesting blog! Can’t wait to read more as a subscriber.

    Take a look at mine, if you have a chance. . .

    1. ruthiesommers Post author

      Thank you so much! Writing is not my area and while I have so many ideas streaming inside my head-I find it difficult to write. So thank you for saying you like the writing. I am working on making a couple of posts a week. I was told not to make them too long yet I once I start the photos keep coming.
      LA is wonderful and always surprising me. I grew up on the East coast and sometimes I pinch myself that I ended up here.
      Again, your kind words keep me going so thank you again.
      More on LA in the next week so stay tuned!


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