Interior Design Heaven

My mind was racing this morning pondering the best way to open my post.  Last night I met the WHO’s WHO in interior design and photography.

While I am not a ga ga kind of gal over people-Dogs,trees, musicians and good ole chintz-yes,yes, yes!  I would rather be seated next to the nerdy science geek or WWII veteran any day over a fancy smachy Us Weekly person of the moment..But throw in a celebrated magazine editor of the old days of magazine divinity  AND an insanely talented photographer? Pull out your autograph books! Giddy with delight is an understatement when I saw the who’s who of fabulousness standing by the front door at a party I attended last night.

Claiborne Swanson, a bombshell of a beauty ,author and photographer of the book AMERICAN BEAUTY , hosted a small summer soiree last night in her Beverly Hills home.14-Claiborne-7837_151159588030-682x1024

The Swanson girls are some of my favorite people on the planet. I will be shallow and mention their incredible good looks.. But the real beauty oozes  out of all of them the minute you start a conversation. We gab about the wonderment of life, babies, work and fun and everything in between. These sisters always have something positive to say and it is usually about an idea or an interest and always spoken with kindness. I have met their mother, Elizabeth , and I know she is responsible. Therefore , with three of my own girls, I strive to recreate whatever she did right. Authenticity appears to trump all things material and I love this about them.

Now moving on to the hot ticket in the house.  Douglas Friedman,the photographer, was in my presence.


My friend Nena and I decided we may  just hide in his mustache and go along with him to the next party. As most of you know his work as an interiors photographer, he is equally fabuloso in fashion and lifestyle. I squeal with delight when I open a magazine to see that he is the photographer. As busy as he is ,the best homes require his touch so you know that the spread will be special.


Douglas Friedman


Douglas Friedman


Douglas Friedman. He can make anything look beautiful. Check out his blog the Facinator.














Douglas Friedman


Douglass Friedman


Douglas Friedman


Douglas Friedman


Douglas Friedman

























Claiborne married James Frank, Cynthia’s son.  James could have been James Bond in any movie, in any year, if you get my drift.

VERONICA BEARD Spring 2013 Presentation

Cynthia was an editor at House and Garden-ahhhhh. those days..  Cynthia is responsible for making magic with some of the worlds most artistic and unique homes by placing them upon pages in the top magazines from House and Garden days  to Elle Decor and Town and Country.  I devour my old House and Garden magazines on a weekly basis. Tattered and dog eared, they are  peppered all over my cottage in Newport RI. And every year, I find something new to adore in the same magazine I have been reading for years.

Cynthia was kind and chic and I would pay money to follow her around for weeks on end. Here is some of her personal work. We are all fortunate to have her producing shoots that we read in Elle Decor at the moment.


This was Claiborne and Jame’s home in New York and Cynthia helped design this.  Her home in Beverly Hills has  many of the same furnishings with the help of her adorable cousin,Nena Woolworth. Claiborne’s house is deliciously simple and inviting. Photography and family photos are her main event. And the house was impeccably neat but I felt I could relax here and dive into art books for hours on end.


Cynthia’s Home in South Hampton . Haynes Roberts collaborated with Cynthia. I love this duo of design team. One of my favorites by far.





The floor plan of this room is close to genius in my opinion.



The one blue chair? The blue chair is bold and brave amongst his monochromatic friends.


House and Garden Magazine. Elsie de Wolfe


House and Garden

11. mathilde  agostinelli bedroom

House and Garden Mathilde Agotinelli bedroom. Oberto Gigli


1961 House and Garden photograph


Oberto Gigli . I adore this photograph

11. elsie de wolfe house and garden

Elsie de Wolfe House and Garden











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