The Man Child

Well, love comes and goes doesn’t it? This morning is one of those mornings. Of course I did everything right. Rise and shine at 6, Whole Foods with Bailey by 7, croissants and bagels at home for everyone by 8 am. Luke sleeps in, duh..

But somehow, I forgot to get the nanny for the time he has tennis and I have to get my gray hair dyed. We all know which is more vital , to me and our marriage.  We have the ground-hog day kind of fight. He can be mean. I am passive. No one is to blame. He always apologies and I hide until I realize I am behaving like a four-year old. But today he is angry. He slammed my wonderful blue faux leather door against the oven about five minutes ago. blue-door-faux-leather-ruthie sommers

And here is the thing. Luke is not a douche. But he is acting like one this morning. Most likely, he is not getting enough attention so this is my fault. For an hour I am going to let myself vent because two people who share children and cars and backyards and bank accounts and holidays can not always see eye to eye. The apology is more important than the argument.

But give me a minute to pretend I am single and these are the places I own. In Paris , left bank, bien sur! And my boobs are what they were before three children.

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I am now going wallow about my not so cool office and secretly dream I had these the tall ceilings and this blueberry delicious ottoman in the photo below. Throw in that totally useless ladder as well .I will flirt this idea all day.  Notice the delicate petite table on spaghetti legs in the back? Who can keep anything that neat? Today I pretend that is me.


I would like to give credit to this designer if anyone knows who it is.

Now I am going to listen to this song by the XX, Heart Skipped a Beat, which reminds me of Luke . Music is powerful and it has found its way back into my life on a daily basis. Listen loudly in the car with your children, dogs or by yourself and magic happens. This song will conjure up why I fell in love in the first place. And, I am going to apologize first.

But before that I may hit a store or two to buy a new dress. I rarely shop for clothes in retail stores. Barneys is calling my name. It is singing” Sale items” And tonight, with my newly dyed hair, old boobs and possibly a new dress I will have forgotten about the silly fight . We will never ever have this day again . I am going to make the most of it. And this writing and this song pushed me along! Have a great one everyone.




2 thoughts on “The Man Child

  1. shannon

    Ruthie, I have been a fan of your design talents for a long time. But now that I have read all your blog posts, I am absolutely crushing on you as a person!!! I am so excited you finally gave in to the peer pressure and became a blogger! Thanks for sharing your family and your stories with us!

    1. ruthiesommers Post author

      Thank you so much!The pressure feels off when I am left to journal.I am grateful you are reading this! It is actually kind of cathartic in a way. I love design and photos and people and connecting so I do hope I can keep this up.
      Again, thank you for sharing and I should have some houses coming up in the magazines so I will do some behind the scenes on those.


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