Tryst with a House Part 2

If you have not been following this story, please read The Tryst Part 1 or this will sound extremely corny to you. 

He had me at Blue Ground.. A Farrow and Ball paint color that is. I met him when he first appeared on a small swatch at little paint store.Unknown I did not know when we would meet again but.. he came in hot and swathed his little dandy self all over my clients dining room walls and molding before I could say no..

This is the paint color that I adore yet can scare any decorator. Strong and lively, this color lends itself to a historic tone in the right space. But if used the wrong way, it can go too Pirates of the Caribbean tick tacky or bad Greek restaurant bathroom..

This dining room was gloomy when I met it.  But it was only having a bad hair day. Think of a fresh coat of paint as a blow out. It can do wonders, right? The Jansen table was a score and the chairs, while uncomfortable for large for a man, reinforced my bond over anything French.



View to the hallway and the living room.




A Bennison floral fabric made it’s way to this bench Elissa had already.

Phase One was accomplished. However, it felt naked. Draperies and shades could solve that. Who do we turn to for advice?  Miles Redd of course.

Finding a lower cost silk to make the draperies took forever to source . Keep in mind the house got the curtains in the divorce. We lined them with pink taffy silk stripe to pump up the charm. We limited the trim because Elissa and I are self recognized patisserie snobs and the little bobbles we wanted were about $300 a yard..

Photo shoot ready

IMG_2457 IMG_2433 IMG_1899

IMG_1158 IMG_1160


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