Good Morning!

Ruthie still life

I woke up this morning around 5:45 am. Posey, my two year old, breathing angel breaths lay sleeping next to me, along with my loud snoring husband.. Two of my four dogs were on the bed and the sun was streaming in. Not to sound corny, but I was so happy to be where I was. I dreamt Luke, my hubby, was cheating on me and I could not control him cheating ( hmm. Freud is lurking here…. ) The last I remember in my dream I was kicking him in my old ratty brown UGG’s asking him to stop cheating… and vowing to myself to work out and get more blow outs.

I popped out of bed and made a dash to the grocery store. My excuse was that I needed lunch food. But clearly coffee was on my mind. And then this amazing morning trailed my rather bizarre dream and state of mind. My behind the scenes note is that I have just returned from a wonderful stay in ole Paris.. And like the French, addressing everyone is nice manners. Good morning! Bon Jour Madame! I seemed to forget I was in a Ralph’s grocery store in Los Angeles and not on a cobblestone street in Paris. “How are you? , Good Morning ! and most likely in an annoying high pitchen intonation. People acted as if I was famous. Startling smiles, cheerful responses and surprising remarks-“Cute shirt” came from the seventy year old bakery lady with orange lipstick. I probably sang hello to 10 people..Maybe it was the Hazelnut Coffee Mate I snuck in my coffee..but created a high that lasted all day.

Photo by Coral Von Zumalt for Lonny Magazine

Photo by Coral Von Zumalt for Lonny Magazine

I literally skipped out of the grocery store like a fairy on pixie dust.. I realized how easy and free it is to be happy for other people just belting my version  of Bon Jour! Our combined happiness was infectious.

Of course the  Jacaranda leaves appeared unusually purple this morning (since I am on my pixie dust of coffee and smiles ) Their indescribable color of purple  inspired me to paint a very belated thank you note to Mrs Suzanne Rheinstein.

















These magnificent trees line my neighborhood in Los Angeles. What a wonderful gift to see everyday. My girls now copy me when I get overly excited about the “jack-a rand-a.. ” Whose Jack they ask.


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