Eloise’s Room


The surprise for Eloise’s room begins. Little does she know she is getting the laundry room. Photo by Coral Von Zumwalt

This photo is from when we first bought our home. The room is fairly devoid of anything. Pink and healthy and simple was the vibe I was going for. The chandelier was a mishap. It belonged to the previous owner and it horrified me when I first saw it. I was chirping Chippendale everything those days and this felt very Granny chic to me. However, by the end of the project , I had no funds left and the little confectionary of roses and leaves chandelier now shines light and love into my girls room. I adore it now and only to find out the woman that owned our home for thirty five years raised three girls here.

Eloise is ready for a big girl bed! Bailey arrives to share the room.

ruthie sommers closet

This is still the closet my three girls share. Editing is the key. And because they are three girls they share everything.

elioise blog

This is Eloise’s big girl bed. The sofa has China Seas fabric and I ordered faux Lily Pulitzer from Ebay to recover her headboard. When the headboard arrived she was clearly very upset.. “Mommy, this is a body board not a headboard!” Like mother like daughter..My second daughter was being born so Eloise upgraded. We waited with baited breath for her Schwitzer Linen heart sheets to arrive. They arrived the day Bailey was born. We were putting them on and my water broke. By the way, this photo was taken by my very dear friend and photographer, Doug Inglish. He did a photo shoot at my house for some fabu ( my fav word) European fashion magazine. I traded hair and make up and some Fathers day pictures for the photo shoot. Secretly, I wanted professional photos of me-They always make me look like I have a bigger upper lip than I have.. and getting hair and make up done.. Well….yum..


Eloise Blog Post-page-004

This pink riot of a room belongs to Piper Woodprince, my dearest client’s daughter. My client grew up in New York with a fabu Studio 54 mother who was often at parties more than home. So Mer ( Meredith Woodprince ‘s) daughter was born she pulled out the big guns into girly pink land for her daughter. We copied the bed canopy from a David Hicks bed and added modern lucite from Charles Hollis Jones vanity stools to dime store old vintrines painted Robins Egg blue. I was able to bring Eloise with me to certain jobs around the country ( well that sounded important.. lets say two different states to be fair) and she always left a bit sad and wanting for a bedroom like those I designed for clients children.

photo 4

The fabrics we ended up choosing. Pindler and Pindler Ikat, Pindler purple fabric and a Raoul linen for her headboard.

Eloise Blog Post-page-002

Here is our former laundry room and now Eloise’s bedroom. I measured the room before the molding was put up for the canopy-Mistake number one-We had to take it off when the canopy came. We all make mistakes in design. The key is to laugh about it and I made sure to tell my contractor this was my fault and bill me for the extra charge. He did not of course. We tested several paint colors. Eloise chose the one I did not prefer but I went with it in the end. We all have to stop caring so much about the small stuff. She was right. Imagine that!

Eloise Blog Post-page-005

Here is Eloise ready for her new room. She is so dear and we have made sure to tell her the things do not matter. So when I went to add a mirror or more little items in her room she adamantly told me , no!. She was happy with the way it was. So I canceled the faux painter who was going to do Moroccan stencils and we have not touched the little room since then. She even wanted her old lamp in the new room. The carpet is a remnant thick shaggy purple that I would have never picked for a client-and the headboard fabric is Raouls. And of course, the room sings because Eloise is happy. Not because of any design choices. It is always a lesson to me. Even with my own daughter. Photo by Coral Von Zumalt for Lonny Magazine

Eloise Blog Post6


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